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King's College London


Political Philosophy IIA: Topics in Political Philosophy (Spring and Fall 2022)

Political and Economic Philosophy (introductory module for 1st year PPE students) (Fall 2021)

General Philosophy: Political Philosophy (for PG students) (Fall 2021) 

Morality and Convention (for UG & PG students) (Spring 2021)

Political Philosophy IIB: History of Political Philosophy (for UG & PG students) (Fall 2020, Fall 2021 & Spring 2023)

Virginia Tech

Advanced Topics in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (Spring & Fall 2019)

Introduction to Philosophy, Politics and Economics (Spring & Fall 2018; Spring 2020)

Morality and Justice (Fall 2017)

London School of Economics (Teaching Assistant)

Reason, Knowledge and Values (2015-16 & 2016-17)

Philosophy & Public Policy (2014-15)

Philosophy, Morals and Politics (2013-14)


Postgraduate Certificate of Higher Education (Full Award), 2016
London School of Economics


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